As a country with abundant jungles and coastline, fresh flavors are no strangers to the Thai menu. Fruits, herbs, seafood and the ever-present coconut milk are the highlights of Thai dishes. Kao offers traditional soups, salads, curries, fried rice and noodle dishes, including a few unique peruvian-thai creations you must try.

Vegan, Vegetarian and Environment Friendly

Our dishes are made with fresh produce and organic coconut milk. All of our curries, noodles and fried rice dishes are made with vegan and vegetarian diets in mind. Kao is committed to reduce the use of plastic and to use recycle and organic products.

A Unique Experience

Kao is born with the idea to introduce something unique and innovative in Peruvian cuisine, something that is also true to the art and culinary tradition of Thailand. We offer traditional food, served in traditional dished and using the right ingredients. We try to bring to the table much more than food, we want you to have a great experience. Visit us and enjoy!

Un Restaurante Unico

Kao nace con la idea de presentar algo distinto e innovador, que sea fiel al arte y a la tradición culinaria de Tailandia. Es por eso que ofrecemos los platos típicos, la vajilla tradicional y usamos los ingredientes apropiados. Todo esto en un ambiente concebido de forma propicia para que en la experiencia no se pierda ningún detalle.

Sharing Culture

We host turists and locals alike for a free cooking class at our restaurant, Monday through Saturday between 12:30-1pm. Our meetings are informal and lead by our experience Chef. No tips or payment is expected. It is 100% free. This is our way to give back to the community, share peruvian and thai cuilture and hopefully teach you a trick or two. We do ask to please email us or call us to confirm availability and schedule. We try to set up groups of at least 4 people. (Reservation system coming soon!).

What to Expect

Our charismatic Chef, Kent, will introduce you to Peruvian cuisine and walk you through making the Peruvian flag ship dish: Ceviche. You will learn and taste how to make our take on ceviche. Join us every day around 12:30pm at our downtown location. Time is a bit flexible to allow for people to gather and socialize. If you have a big group or would like to plan for a specific time, please call us or email us and we can coordinate. Hope to see you soon, enjoy Arequipa!

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About the Chef: Kent Zuniga

El camino de kent en la gastronomía comienza desde ser un estudiante destacado de cocina, pasando por prácticas locales e internacionales, asumiendo retos ya como cocinero en distintos restaurants de italia, australia y estados unidos, tailandia, algunos incluso galardonados con estrellas michelin como lo son michael mina (01 estrella) y sant pau (03 estrellas).

Finalmente logra consolidarse como chef en lima al trabajar en uno de los restaurants peruanos del top 10 del ranking “the world's 50 best restaurants”. Sin embargo, necesitaba reflejar su propio sentimiento en la cocina, lo que él llama cocina sensorial o de sentimiento. Y es así que decide, no sólo poner en práctica todo lo aprendido en estos viajes, sino plasmarlo en algo propio y hasta el momento desconocido en la ciudad. Es así como el concepto de Kao y va tomando forma hasta hacerse realidad.

Fusion Food

Thai & Peruvian cuisine in Arequipa. Flavors from two continents in a single experience. Because Peruvian cuisine goes with everything. Thai with a Peruvian touch, and Peru with a Thai touch.



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Creative and delicious. Vegetarian friendly and carnivores happy too!

Posted by Jackie Frazier on  Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Exquisito, pedí un curry verde con pollo quede impactada con el sabor, casi casi lamí el plato, el precio muy accesible,...

Posted by Jennifer Jurado on  Saturday, March 23, 2019